Reasons to Explore: Find Peace (A 10 Mile Hike)

Because those little moments of pure magic, excitement, adventure and happiness in Life that things like exploring can bring you, make getting through the times of stress and anxiety that much easier and remind you just how special Life is.

Traveling with Anxiety

There is a great big world out there waiting for you to explore. When you push past the anxiety, depression, or feeling of doubt you will realize that you are so much stronger than your anxiety says you are.

Lessons from Exploring: Be Spontaneous

keep your eyes and heart open for adventure and be ready for you never know when the time to jump in a car or plane with your best friends and hit the open road may come.

A Winter Weekend in Canada

Last weekend, I headed up to Canada with a couple of friends for our annual winter trip, this is how it went down

Reasons to Explore: Moments like Magic

Be sure that when you venture out in the great big world that we have, you notice everything and truly feel each and every moment. If you do, you will soon realize that life is full of moments like the movies.

Kayaking to a Hidden Gem

We quickly parked our kayaks onto the small sandy section that formed a cave into the cliff-side and took in the wonder of the art that nature put on display for us.

A Year Later Review: Hawaii

One day I hope to return though and experience stargazing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean once again, but until then Hawaii and this trip will have a special place in my heart and I hope to hold onto the feeling I had that first night we were there.

Touring South Manitou

This trip was a good, short weekend expedition that introduced us to a new part of the world, helping me to draw closer to myself and re-educating us on the notion that we need to try our best to keep the world and its ecosystems beautiful.

Reasons to Explore: Discovery

The world is a beautifully bizarre place and if you make the choice to venture out into the wilderness of it, away big cities and into nature, you will find a world of discovery and a whole new view of Life and the Universe.

10 Miles of True Wonder

 The walk to the shoreline seemed to take forever, which was probably due to  our excitement of actually walking along the cliffs and viewing them up close in person, views we have dreamed of and areas we strongly desired to be in.

When the Night put on a Show

We then walked along the short path through the trees to the beach and as the trees began to clear and the northern part of the sky became visible we noticed something magical in the night.

Kayaking A Unique Shoreline

 To be so close to something so unique and full of wonder, it was as if giants came long ago and painted their story on the walls of these giant cliffs.  In this case though it was nature putting its artistry on for those who ventured out into the wilderness to find it.

A Sub-Zero Hike

Hiked 2 miles in sub zero temps to check out the remote Eben Ice Caves and experienced my eyelashes freezing for the first time.

Stealing a Sunset from 14,000 ft.

Getting the chance to steal a sunset on the top of Mauna Kea (~14,000 ft.) with the best kind of travel companions, just might have been the most beautiful thing I have experienced

Camping Stories: Snow & Cold

This past weekend we headed up to Picture Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to check out the fall colors, and we decided to tent camp, despite the warnings about temperatures that would drop below freezing, power outages, and high winds.  When we reached our campsite late Thursday night, the wind had died down…

Journey with me

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