Lessons From Exploring: Trust and Don’t Rush

When I venture out into the world, especially destinations where the wilderness is prevalent, I am often reminded of the patient pace and stubbornness of nature and Life to create miracles no matter what obstacles may present itself. While not giving up may be the more obvious analogy here, for me it is something else that I am drawn to about how nature works.

I have been to many different places over the last few years from Ireland all the way to the other side of the planet visiting the Big Island of Hawai’i. Upon my ventures I have come across so many wondrous geologic and botanic formations and sites. Places of unique beauty that took hundreds to millions and even billions of years to carefully sculpt and carve. Places where Life was once eradicated by the forces of nature, but had the stubbornness and resilience to bloom once again.

During one special expedition I was blessed with the opportunity to watch new land being formed right in front of my eyes with the heat of lava and cold of the oceans. From all of these explorations I was taught something that I try to live by, even though at times in the craziness of Life it may be difficult to grasp.

Nature Never Rushes

I came across this quote once that you may have seen before, and may appear cliche to some, but that does not hinder its value: Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished,” said by Ancient Chinese Philosopher and Writer Lao Tzu.

When I went to the Big Island of Hawai’i in 2018 I was in awe of the amount of serenity and beauty that had been formed on this relatively small, 93 mile in diameter island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. An Island that was formed by something seen as destructive, a volcano or an ocean hotspot that over the course of hundreds of thousands of years, created a masterpiece of art too great for one human.

To this day the volcano, now called Kilauea, which is a shield volcano on the southeastern part of the island, continues to create new land and beaches with the help of the Pacific Ocean. From, vast marine life, caves, forests, to waterfalls, plains, beaches of green and black sand, and mountain peaks that rise above the clouds, this island is so full of beauty, beauty that took hundreds of thousand of years to carefully create.

Nature on the island never rushed, it simply bloomed. This is the case for more than Hawai’i.

Pictured Rocks, one of my favorite places on the planet took hundreds of millions of years to create along with the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, and the mountains of Glacier National Park, home to Hidden Lake, (the most beautiful place I have been, photo at top) took over a billion years.

So what does this teach us?

You are Right Where You Need to Be

Clearly humans don’t have the time scale that nature has, but that doesn’t stop the lesson it teaches us. Life is a crazy and at times beyond frustrating ride that we are all on together, yet on our own separate paths. Life is also so precious, so like nature don’t rush it. Enjoy every step, every chance to grow, every breath you take feel the magic of it, for it is a wonderful sound.

For example, I often wonder what my life might be like if I knew what I wanted to do right out of high school and graduated when I was 22 instead of 24. If I had done that though, I would have never re-connected with my best friend Bobby, never gone to Hawai’i or Glacier National Park, and then I don’t want to think about where I would be, for I was never really behind.

If Life throws a metaphorical volcano at you, know that it is okay to feel sad and down. When you have gathered the strength and time to heal, however long it may take, be ready to rise from the ashes again like the plants on Hawai’i that continue to sprout through the ancient solidified lava flows, grow strong to the stars like the Mountains of Glacier, and let your colors show like the Pictured Rocks because the world will Love them.

However tough it may be, and this is something that I to struggle with at times, don’t ever feel behind, for like flowers, humans don’t grow at the same speed and you are right where you need to be. There is no behind or ahead there is simply where you are and the time that has been given to you.

Don’t beat yourself up though, you feel like you are behind for this is normal, just take the time to remind yourself when you are ready that you are right on time and refocus.

Like trees, let your dreams grow, steadily, patiently, and beautifully as they reach for the stars. Trust that God has you and is constantly shaping you into the person you were born to become, He isn’t done with you yet. Trees never rush and look and the wonder and beauty they create.

The Universe and Nature find you significant. So grow with them, don’t rush, keep going forward, learn from the times of setbacks and progress, and always let your uniqueness show for it lights up the world. Recognize and get lost in each and every moment and cherish the times you find yourself smiling.

We all feel lost at times, we all hit moments where we feel behind, but you can always be found and you are never behind. Keep your eyes open for you never know the adventures Life and God might toss your way.

Songs for thought: “Everything’s Magic” by Angels & Airwaves and “It’s OK” by Nightbirde

Travel with Love and as always, live like you’re dreaming.

– Dustin


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