A Message for Humanity: We Are Here, Together

In the light of what is going on in the world today regarding the pandemic I have decided to take a step away from writing posts on exploring the planet to discuss the matters at hand.

Today, a certain darkness has fallen on us, one that is shrouded in shadowed mystery that is seemingly dimming the light of hope. Not one nation, separated from others by a made up border, but the entirety of the human population. While we are all in this together I feel that we are all experiencing and emotionally reacting to this ordeal differently.

Some of us have left our places of work and begun to work from home and some of us are facing the storm head on by continuing to go to work to help keep society going. Some of us are now without out work and trying to make ends meet and some of us are staying at home as much as possible in a comfortable shelter with loved ones.

Some of us are staying connected to friends and family and hanging out in small groups when safe and possible, and some of us are alone unable to see or haven’t seen friends and family.

Some of us are sick, know someone who is sick, or has lost someone to the disease.

Some are scared, angry, confused, sad, lonely, content, thankful for what we have, depressed, missing friends and family, stressed, optimistic, stir crazy, and some, like my three year old Goddaughter, have no clue that anything crazy is even happening.

During times like these it is okay to feel like all of these things for we are all only human, unique and perfectly imperfect. We shouldn’t be upset with or call out someone who is handling this different than the next. What we each need to have for one another is patience, empathy, sympathy, respect, and understanding.

We need to know that for ourselves it is okay to feel or be burdened by all or any mix of emotions like the ones listed above, but know that you are not alone in this world and you are so strong.

For majority of us on this wonderful planet, the events that are taking place are new andcomes as a storm we have never sailed through. This includes our political, business, and medical leaders and while it may be tough, we also need to have patience and respect for them as well, no matter what side or political party you align yourself with. They are in charge of leading hundreds, to thousands, to hundreds of millions of people and through this storm of unprecedentedness, uncertainty, and unknown.

I feel it is patience and hope that will be our best defense against the storm. No matter how dark the storm may get we will always have hope for we have each other and it is in each one of us that the light of hope lies. One day, I do not know when it will come, the darkness will subside and we will be able to dance in the light again.


Until then though we need to become a little softer and Love a little harder, we need to move past our religious, societal, and global divisions and unite in togetherness, for we are stronger when all 8 billion of us work together. We must each take moments for ourselves to look up to the stars, breathe, wonder, and dream, and know that hope is always there.

It is through togetherness and Love that our true power lies as we are being watched over from a closely far away place beyond the stars. For Freddie Mercury said it best when he sang powerfully: “Why can’t we give Love, give Love, give Love, give Love, give Love, give Love, give Love, give Love, give Love?”

This storm too shall pass and things will return to normal one day again, know that and hold onto that, for you have a light the world cherishes and you need to keep it shining, no matter how understandably scared you may find yourself feeling.

We are all in this together, but each one of us faces our own unique journey through this darkness shrouded in mystery. We are here now, and have the wonderful gift of choosing what to do with the time we have, our most precious resource, which begs the awesome question…What shall we do with it? I pray passionately and deeply for all.

Song for thought:All That’s Left Is Love” by Angels & Airwaves

– Dustin


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