Lesson from Exploring: We are all Astronauts

The more I study, learn about, and explore the Earth, as well as astronomy and physics, what lies beyond the atmosphere and the workings of the Universe, I sometimes come to think of Earth more and more as a spaceship than a planet.

A spaceship is defined as a vehicle or mode of transportation used to travel through space and this is essentially what the Earth does.  We are securely traveling through the Universe, as the Sun holds us in an orbit at a perfect distance away to allow spaceship Earth to support Life.  The Sun then moves securely through the Milky Way galaxy as it orbits a super-massive black hole, called Sagittarius A Star, at the center of the galaxy that is roughly 4.6 million times the mass of our Sun.  The Milky Way, then of course, moves through space as it drifts slowly towards the larger Andromeda Galaxy.

When looking at Earth as a spaceship, one realizes that human beings are astronauts, more importantly a team of astronauts, all exploring life and learning about the world around us and ourselves.  Yearning to know and experience what Life has to offer us, seeking the answers to mysteries, searching for beauty, testing our limits and chasing our dreams, and feeling Love, the most powerful force in the cosmos.

Today our spaceship is seemingly divided, fueled by greed and battles for power and resources, which can easily be shared.  Our behaviors are slowly destroying our spaceship, the only one we have, the only one we know and bringing harm to the other creatures that call it home.  It is our duty as the lead astronauts on spaceship Earth to take care of it and the other species travelling with us, keeping it bright and beautiful for future generations of astronauts to come.

We fight and point weapons of destruction at ourselves, compete for global economic power and still have the ignorance to call ourselves intelligent, a merit we have not yet earned as a team of astronauts,  for we have yet to grasp the concept of a team.

There is time for us though, time for us to change, to adopt a cosmic perspective, to view ourselves as a team first rather than separate nations.  There is still time for us to change, for as a species we are still young and still growing, still trying to realize our full potential, and look to Love to guide us on our respective journeys.

We must let Love be our guiding force as we grow and develop as a species, for it is the ability to Love that is our greatest power and will allow us to become a beacon of tranquil light for others to find.  Imagine our spaceship if all 7.5 billion astronauts learned to respect and appreciate each others differences, and focused on helping one another.  There is still time, but we, and I include myself in that, must start today, we cannot procrastinate on this, we cannot leave it for a future generation to start, we must start changing and growing today, so the future astronauts enter into a safe spaceship full of serenity.

Mankind is capable of such greatness you can see it simple everyday acts of kindness and Love.  We are simply stars in the night sky, all working together to bring a light to the darkness.

The video below is a poem/music/video project I made to help illustrate the view and notion that we are all astronauts:

– dustin

Quote for thought:

We live through times when hate and fear seem stronger.  We rise and fall and light from dying embers.  Remembrances that hope and love live longer. And love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside.  As sacred as a symphony, Eliza tells her story and fills the world with music love and pride.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda


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